Regan Koopmans

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Capital Gains

In theory, governments should encourage economic activities that promote the well-being of citizens. In practice governments tend to encourage people put long-term savings into retirement funds, which often get inflated out of existence, or disappear during financial crashes. Money that is in circulation is more valuable for GDP, but not necessarily for individual citizens.

The two forms of long-term investments that have been the most stable in history are property and particularly precious metals. If a government puts in place policies that cause large amounts of inflation, these commidities will have a higher currency price (although their actual "value" may stay constant). Governments then claim that you owe them tax on the increase in currency price. This is completely backwards to me. This is paramount to deciding to home-school your children, and having schools claim that you owe them education gains tax. If I can preserve my wealth outside of the systems that you promote, you cannot rightfully claim any stake if my choices turn out to be correct.